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Friday, April 06, 2007

Look, Look--I Sprouted!

Exciting times over here. Our pea seeds have officially SPROUTED! Now if it will only stop being 20 degrees out at night, we can plant those suckers.

I just want to point out that I am the most novice of novice gardeners. My partner S.'s family always had gardens growing up, and mine stuck some occasional tomato and cucumber plants in the backyard, but neither of us were very "hands on." Why would we be--we lived in a 5th floor walk-up in NYC for the past 5 years! So now that we're in the country with our own yard, we're excited to start digging around and plotting and planting. We did do tomatos last summer when we first moved--they didn't turn red until like--well, ever, really! So we haven't had a great start. I say this only because when I show you the next picture, especially if you're an experienced garde
ner, you're probably going to laugh your ass off.

Yes, that is where we're sprouting our pepper seeds. On a tray, over a HOT WATER BOTTLE, with a Pyrex baking dish on top to keep in moisture. Classy, no??

Boy will our gardening be a blast!


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