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People in this small town think we're sisters, but we're actually a legally married gay couple fresh from NYC. The more you find out about us, the more you'll see that we really are just those girls next door!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

We're really normal, we swear!

I found myself wanting to talk a lot about the harrowing task of being a new home owners after living in NYC for the past 5 years in small apartments, but it wasn't really an appropriate subject to discuss on our pregnancy blog. So, I decided to start a new space where I can blow off some steam about my new neighborhood and way of life, but also to revel in this big change my partner, S., and I (C.) decided to make in our lives.

So, how is life in the country compared to NYC? Well, challenging. First off, one thing I just did not anticipate is having to mow the lawn every single week. Ummm--why don't they make grass that doesn't grow? (I'm sure they do somewhere) I guess now I know why my father was out in the yard doing work literally every single night until twilight. And I also sort of understand how people can yet their yard go so it looks like crap. It's a lot of hard work! And if you're not particularly good at it, it can be trying. For instance, I can't start the lawnmower, so I look at mowing the lawn with great dread and apprehension. I'm sure if I had, you know, a Cub Cadet riding mower I would be just happy with doing the work. But my pride is too great to let the yard go, so I sweat it out and then actually feel pretty proud of myself when I'm done.

The other funny thing about living here is that most people assume we are sisters. Like our good, kind neighbors on either side of us. They're really, really nice to us, don't get me wrong. But I wonder if they're beginning to think differently, seeing as I do not call S.'s parents "mom" and "dad." So, even though we're 2 girls living together, which people really can't wrap around their heads, we're really just the girls next door--trying to patch a life together out of what little home ownership experience we have! --cd


At 1:02 PM, Blogger Laura D. said...

Go with the concrete yard, like we did. You can hose it off when it gets dirty and you don't have to mow it! :)

At 1:51 PM, Blogger CD & SP said...

A quarter of an acre of concrete might look a little strange!

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Laura D. said...

Yeah, but you could draw a freakin huge hopscotch board on that shit!

At 7:38 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Hey, I am with you about mowing! My goal is to have so many gardens at my house that I don't have to mow much at all.

I think they do make grass that only grows about 3 inches tall, but you'd have to dig up all the other grass first... it would be hard.

Welcome to HouseBlogs!


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