Those Girls Next Door

People in this small town think we're sisters, but we're actually a legally married gay couple fresh from NYC. The more you find out about us, the more you'll see that we really are just those girls next door!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


So remember those gardens we spent so much time digging and planting? Yeah, well there was a great, mighty rain storm this weekend (two of them, in fact) which essentially washed away all of our hard work. Poopie. Luckily, all the plants that Miss Flowers gave us are still in tact and in the ground, which means they're probably root-bound by now--very good news. Unfortunately, we now fact the task of re-filling in those parts of the garden that disappeared overnight, and sweeping away all that dirt that fell along S.'s lovely brick-edge she so lovingly and laboriously placed. I go back to school tomorrow, which means way less time for yardwork (oh darn), but that probably won't get me out of mowing the lawn tonight. The rain also meant that our grass actually grew, which means cutting it. Ugh.

On a different note, we are indeed being stocked by the opponents of the Biomass Plant. They left a few articles and a DVD for our viewing pleasure in our side door over the weekend. Creepster.


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