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Monday, April 02, 2007

If you can't rake, vacuum!

S. has really been getting on my back about not posting on the house blog, but honestly, it's been a long winter with not much going on! So, now that Spring is making it possible to get back out into our yard, I'll finally have some amusing and interesting tid-bits to share.

Like this one, of S. vacuuming our lawn this weekend:

Allow me to explain. Our driveway is gravel, since it cost a lot to pave it. We cheaped out and had someone we know come and spread it with his Bobcat and compact it. It works, really it does, and it doesn't look half-bad either. Then came winter....our nice old neighbor - let's call him Bill - snowblowed our driveway for us all winter but wasn't so careful. As a result, most of our top layer of gravel was flung all over his and our yard (and house!). As you can see, trying to rake back gravel all the way to the edge from behind the stone wall would be hard, so we stole the idea of just sucking it up with a shopvac from our other neighbor. Hey, it worked! I can't imagine what we looked like from the street, though.

Needless to say, nearly 4 hours of backbreaking raking and vacumming later, we have most of our driveway (and an assortment of dead grass and pinecones) back on the actual driveway. Yay for yardwork!


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