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People in this small town think we're sisters, but we're actually a legally married gay couple fresh from NYC. The more you find out about us, the more you'll see that we really are just those girls next door!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thinking Spring!

Haven't been over here in quite some time, but I think this blog is going to take on a whole new meaning once springtime arrives and the snow it all melted. Of course what I'm talking about is the beginning of GARDENING SEASON! YIPPEE YEEHAW WOOHOO! We're excited over here next door. This year, S. and I are planning an entirely organic garden. We've ordered books, taken out magazines from the library, bought our seeds, and enlisted the expert advice of our close friends and relatives. I even think I'm going to be able to get some goat poop from school.

I'll explain that one--I teach at a school that has a huge agricultural science program. Some of the classes the agriscience kids take include tractor and farm machine repair, aquaculture, dog grooming, and yes, rearing farm animals. We have goats at our school this year, baby ones I hear, and I also hear their poop is FANTASTIC fertilizer. Of course, transporting 5 gallon buckets of goat poop from my school in CT a half hour back to my house should be an endeavour only attempted when it's warm enough to roll down the windows, but I am looking forward to it nevertheless.

So, over here next door, and at babymaking town, we are ready and rearin' to get going.



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